Warehouse jumbo wall and offices at Huddersfield spinning mill

Rodley Interiors have been awarded the project installing a warehouse jumbo wall and partitioning to create offices in Huddersfield. Our client owns a large warehouse/manufacturing space used for spinning yarn. To divide the warehouse area we proposed fitting a jumbo stud wall due to the extensive floor to ceiling height. The deep track was fitted first to the ceiling and floor level. Following this our team erected the jumbo stud, once these were set we fixed the plasterboards which were double skin to each side of the stud. The boards were then decorated and finished with trims to give the appearance of a demountable partition wall.

A  jumbo wall installation is a practical choice when dividing a warehouse or manufacturing/industrial warehouse unit. The jumbo stud walls are good acoustic and fire resistance qualities which are imperative in a manufacturing space such as this.

The next phase of the works will include creating smaller individual offices to accomodate staff. If you like our client here are looking to divide your warehouse space see our warehouse partitioning page to see how we can help…


Warehouse jumbo wall Warehouse jumbo wall Warehouse jumbo wall