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Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Ceiling photos

A look at some of our suspended ceiling installations which have been included as part of our fit outs or stand alone projects.

Warehouse Refurbishment

Suspended ceiling works ongoing in Leeds

We are currently on site fitting a new suspended ceiling for our Leeds based client. The refurbishment works are part of a longer term project to smarten and freshen up the workplace. A suspended ceiling can sometimes be overlooked within an office. The tiles overtime can become discolored and stained, making the workplace look drab… Read more

Office Suspended Ceilings

A new office suspended ceiling can transform any workspace, making the office look brighter, fresher and add install appeal. Not only do office suspended ceilings have aesthetic benefits they can also be energy efficient and have fantastic sound reduction qualities.Over the years we have installed numerous ‘false’ or suspended ceilings for our clients which have… Read more

Suspended Ceilings

Essential for every modern office. We can supply and install a wide range of ceiling systems depending on your budget and requirements.