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Help Moving Office

Moving office may seem like a daunting task. There are a number of things to think about to ensure a stress free move. Rodley Interiors offer office relocation services covering all aspects of your move. We can carry out all phases of the move or you can pick and choose

Dilapidation works for The Flight Centre retail store in Leeds

Dilapidation works for The Flight Centre in Leeds are now taking place. Rodley Interiors were approached by a retail store to carry out their dilapidation works, returning their existing office to its original condition. Dilapidation is the term given for returning a property to the condition it originally was after the tenant has made alterations to… Read more

Help with your office move

Are you thinking of moving offices? Here’s our handy free guide to help your office move go as smoothly as possible – what you need to know and things to be aware of.  Of course Rodley Interiors can handle all aspects of moving office for you.  We also have a wide range of office fitout… Read more