Case Study: Matching existing partitions



Industry:Sheet Timber Supplier

Building:2 Storey Industrial Unit

Date:May 2014

Rodley Interiors mirrored a high-spec existing glazed aluminium partitioning system to create a large and highly visual work area in Leeds.

Evaluating the existing work areaOffice install in Leeds.

With 2 existing offices already in situ to the spacious area our client was keen to mirror the high-spec finish of these offices throughout the install.

Inspired by the existing features of the workspace such as structural pillars, large external windows and existing partitioning we presented our client with ideas of how we could utilise the office fit out services we offer. Meeting both the clients business requirements and making the most of this impressive area.

The outline of the works was to create;

  • Impressive corridor area
  • 3 large offices
  • L shaped office division 

Matching existing aluminium partitions

As the area was in conjunction to the vast industrial warehouse, utilising light from the external windows was imperative. We created a long run of offices with full height double glazed aluminium partitioning.  The partitioning framework in a Satin Anodised Aluminium finish mirrored the existing offices enabling a uniform feel throughout. The double glazed office fronts consisted of 2 panes of toughened glass sat within the partition framework. With 25mm solid slat partitioning blinds fitted within the cavity of the glass formed private office areas. Each blind included a control knob to the inside of each office to determine the level of privacy and light required.

Matching existing partitions

Double glazed partitioning
Rounded profile doorframe in SAA.

Attention to detail

In addition to the aluminium partition install we also carried out the following;

  • Carpet tiles laid to the whole area in Progression Pin Stripe in the colour Lead Pipe. These tiles laid in a checkerboard effect certainly complemented the Walnut skirting and door detailing.
  • Replacing the existing ceiling tiles with new 600mm x 600mm Dune Tegular tiles to all areas including the Toilets, Mess room and Warehouse canteen.
  • New External vertical window blinds to all external windows.

Key design features

To ensure each element of this modern workspace, worked well in co-ordination with each other, we installed complementary design features;

Walnut skirting detailAbove door set glazed modules

Walnut door sets and skirting detail

With Walnut door sets that featured long clear vision panels and Satin Stainless steel handles and locks certainly added a striking feel to the run of offices. To complement the Walnut door sets we continued this theme through to the skirting detail.

Double glazing above door sets

 To continue the theme of double glazing with integral blinds we fitted these above each door set making the run of offices that bit more spectacular. The small double glazed windows enabled additional light to seep into the offices utilising all natural light the area had to offer.

L shaped corner partitioningNewly formed office areas

Office divisions

To connect the existing offices to the new install, we built an L-shaped office division. This created a lengthy office corridor in front of 2 of new rooms formed. The 2 adjoining walls in 75mm partitioning featured a near floor to ceiling height double glazed office window.

Continuing along with the theme of integral blinds we also included this within the large window, to add privacy as required. With a large corner post in Satin Anodised Aluminium certainly enabled an impressive and immaculate finish to the partitioning install.

Solid and glass office partitioning.

Solid office doors with vision panels.

Large existing corner office.

25mm solid slat partitioning blinds.

Office blind control.

Partition istall with double glazed windows