Case Study: Tenon Vitrage Partitions



Industry:Property Management

Building:4 Storey Victorian Building

Date:September 2016

A highly visual fit out project installing Tenon Vitrage Partitions  to create light and open office suites. 

Frameless glass office suites in LeedsThe Design Brief

Rodley Interiors were invited to carry out a new office partitioning install, dividing an open plan space into functional office suites. Our client requested we install a system that is both practical and attractive to do this.

Tenon Vitrage Glazed Partitions

For this project we fitted Tenon Vitrage Partitions across this vast floor space, to meet our clients requirements. The system allows for office divisions with unhindered vision. The generous amount of natural light that was readily available was maximised through this system, allowing bright and clear views around the office space.

During initial discussions with our client it was clear some level of privacy was required. To achieve this we installed solid partition dividing walls with a 300mm return on each to ensure a smooth join office solid to glass.

The Vitrage frameless glass partition offices were constructed with 10mm glazing, and silicone joints for a minimalist and smooth finish.

Product Specification

  • 10mm or 12mm toughened glass can be used, depending on the height of the partition.
  • Single or Double glazed profiles can be installed.
  • This product can reach a sound reduction rating of up to 47 dB (Rw).
  • Can be fitted in conjunction with a Tenon 77mm partitioning system.
  • Maximises natural light and enhances any office aesthetic.

Office Door Furniture

In addition to the Tenon Vitrage Partitions we fitted full height Tenon frameless glass doors to each office. The doors were installed with floor pivots and patch fittings in Satin Stainless Steel. The glazed doors were finished with back to back T handles also in Satin Stainless Steel giving the offices a uniformed and professional look.

Frameless glass office with handle detail
Frameless glass floor spring
Vitrage partitioning in Leeds

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