Case Study: Leeds Soundproof Partitioning


Location:Leeds, West Yorkshire


Building:5 storey office building

Date:June 2017- July 2017

A large project within a Leeds City Centre office using a range of partitioning materials to create soundproof meeting room and office spaces.

Leeds Office Fit OutThe Design Brief

Our latest Leeds City Centre fit out project is now complete. We have created both meeting room and office spaces across a 4th floor workplace.

When we first visited the floor with our client the area was empty with great scope to utilise the open plan space. Our client required 10 meeting rooms and offices built in the most practical positioning in the space. We also had to think about the partitioning system we would use which would best complement the space.

For our client privacy was a key factor when designing the rooms. The good thing about the space was the generous amount of natural light available, this meant we didnt need to install a glass partitioning system which would maximise on light. The keep each office area private we used a solid office partitioning system.

Leeds Soundprood partitioning
Leeds soundprrof partitioning

Soundproof Office Spaces

The Leeds soundproof partitioning was creating using Tenon Fire and Sound. For our client the system we used needed to be of a good structural quality also be de-mountable if our client ever wanted to move in the future. This system is constructed of steel, aluminum and plastic with the plasterboard panels forming the walls.The fire performance on this system is very high with up to 60 minutes fire rating for the solid modules. In addition the soundproof levels are also excellent with this system offering up to 52dB (Rw).

If you like are client are looking to install soundproof partitions to your office space then do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0113 2819595, and speak to our friendly team.