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Office Partitioning

Office Partitioning & Glass Office Partitions

Industrial Style Partitioning

Industrial Glass Partitioning & Industrial Glass Wall Systems

A sought after partitioning system in modern offices industrial style glass partitioning is a stylish system choice.
Frameless Glass Partitioning and Full Height Glazed Partitions

Frameless Glass Partitioning

The stylish and modern choice for a light, spacious feeling workplace.
Glazed Partitions and Glass Partitioning

Glass Office Partitions & Glazed Partitioning

A look at the different glazed partitioning options available along with the benefits of glass partitions.

Aluminium 75mm & 100mm Office Partitions

A good all round system with excellent fire resistance and sound reduction properties.

Budget 50mm Composite Partitions

Cost effective and durable, great for those on a tight budget.
Timber Office Partitioning Systems

Timber Partitions

A visually appealing option with the luxurious and warm finish of natural wood.
Movable wall / operable office screens

Movable Walls & Room Dividers

The appearance of a solid wall that quickly opens up so you can easily adapt your workspace.
Warehouse Office Partitioning

Warehouse Offices and Free-standing Partitioning

Free-standing partitions, offices for warehouse staff and fitting out industrial units.

Our Office Partitioning Finishes

Frameless Office Partitions

Attractive frameless glass corner office

Frameless Glass Office Partitions – For a Spacious Feel & ‘WOW’ Factor!

A full length frameless glass partition system gives your office a spacious feel, by allowing the maximum amount of light through. Our frameless glass partitions are available in both single or double glazed units, and you’ll be glad to know that all glass used is safety glass – usually toughened or laminate.

To maintain the open feel of the office environment our frameless doors or framed glass doors are fitted within the system using floor pivots and patch fittings or floor springs if required.

Frameless glass partitions are the stylish choice for those wanting a light, spacious and modern workplace.

Framed Glass Partitions

Glazed to door head height partition.

Framed Glass Office Partitions – For a Light & Healthy Workplace


75mm & 100mm Alumnium Office Partitions – For Fire & Acoustic Performance

This is one of the most popular glass office partitions on the market today and is available in 75mm and 100mm variations. It’s based around a steel stud & plasterboard system surrounded by an aluminium framework and is fire rated for 30 minutes. The framework, along with the finishing trims, can be sprayed in any BS or RAL colour to match your company’s brand colours.

The glass sections range from framed half single-glazed through to frameless full height double-glazed with integrated blinds in the cavity.

It provides a more stylish appearance than our budget range, and is available in square and rounded profiles, and comes with a choice of laminate or aluminium skirting.


50mm Budget Option – For Tight Budgets & Easily Locatable

We also offer a a 50mm glass partitioning system that offers good flexibility and is ideal for the budget conscious. Available with single or double glazing it uses a snap-in glazing bead and can be up to 6m in height.

It too can be sprayed in any BS or RAL colour. Solid 50mm partitioning panels include a honeycomb core between the plasterboards and are finished in vinyl, laminate or veneer.

Timber Office Partitioning

Timber Office Partitioning Systems

Timber Office Partitions – For a Natural & Elegant Finish

For an elegant, luxurious finish with a natural feel it doesn’t get much better than Timber Partitioning.

Good for many business areas including receptions, conference facilities, executive suites and board rooms or a general office environment. A non-load bearing reloadable wood system offers all the benefits of other partitioning systems but with timber faced trims, glazing sections, door frames and skirting. This makes them easy to install and then relocate in any office refurbishments.

All our timber partitioning systems use wood from sustainable, managed forests and are available in a range of colours and finishes.


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