Environmental Policy

Rodley Interiors recognises that we have a legal and moral responsibility to manage our activities in such a way so as to help reduce where ever possible any detrimental impact on the environment.

We’ve adopted a philosophy of maximum compliance at all levels throughout the company to ensure that the impact of pollution and environmental disruption is reduced as much as possible.

Rodley Interiors are committed to protecting the environment; we see this as an investment in all our futures both in the short and long term.

To this end Rodley Interiors are able to:

  • Minimise waste – through the use of precision materials with a structured approach to the disposal and recycling of any waste materials generated.
  • Recycle – exisiting office fittings (partitioning systems including glass & door modules, carpets, light fittings, window blinds) when they reach the end of their useful life. We disassemble all items enabling aluminium, steel, plastic, glass, timber and insulation to be recovered from site and entered into the relevant industrys’ recycling programme.
  • Reduce transportation – through sound project planning so the number of deliveries and visits to site are minimised.
  • Re-use – demountable/relocatable partitioning systems where possible in a company’s building portfolio
  • Fully Comply – with all environmental legal requirements, regulations and guidance.
  • Plan work – and partitioning systems so as to give due consideration to their potential environmental impact.
  • Source – responsibly making sure our timber product ranges, including partitioning and doors, are from FSC Chain of Custody suppliers.
  • Trace materials – and provide full product tractability from date of ordering to completion, thus identifying materials used for any life cycle assessment of the building.