Warehouse Offices and Free-standing Partitioning

We can install a wide-range of warehouse partitioning systems. We can create offices for warehouse staff or fit out a new industrial unit. The partitioning systems we install are practical, demountable and well-suited to industrial spaces.

Our years of experience allows for a confident and knowledgeable approach to any project.If you are needing your warehouse office to be fire-rated or even have sound-proof qualities we can accomodate this. Here are our most commonly asked questions asked by our customers to help and advise you for your project.

Warehouse Offices and Free-standing Partitioning

Will the partitioning be suitable in a noisy warehouse?

Yes.  We can use specific “sound-proof” partitioning where noise is a big factor.

The partitioning systems we install are of a high specification.  The sound performance rating of our solid partitions is up to 52dB.  To further deaden distracting sound, we can fit insulation above the suspended ceiling – this will also improve heat retention.

Can I get glazed partitions for a warehouse office?

Yes.  Most industrial offices need glass to see what’s going on in the warehouse.

We have glazed partitions that work well in warehouse spaces.  They have excellent fire and sound performance.  It allows what light there is to penetrate the office and for staff to see out into the warehouse.  The glazing can be fitted with integrated blinds for privacy and to control light levels.

How safe will staff and equipment be if we had a fire?

Very.  We have systems available with high fire performance ratings.

There’s more chance of accidents in an industrial environment.  Our 75 & 100mm warehouse partitioning systems have excellent fire performance – up to 60 minutes for solid panels.  For glazed partitions, we can install specialist heat-resistant glass which offers protection to European Standards.  If you still have concerns, then building control can advise where fire rated partitioning is needed.

My Industrial Unit has a very high ceiling - can I still get a warehouse office?

Yes.  Free-standing partitioning – which is detached from any ceiling level – is a specialty of ours.

It’s common for warehouse units to have high ceilings.  Our free-standing industrial partitions can be “plonked” anywhere!  These are quick to install, which means minimal disruption.  We can install an accessible suspended ceiling to enclose the space.  Adding insulation gives it the same performance as a standard office environment.

Are your partitions robust enough for a busy warehouse?

Yes.  We can fit them with easy-maintenance finishes and additional protection against impact.

Industrial spaces are often dusty and dirty.  Our systems can be fitted with easily maintained finishes so they can be wiped clean with warm soapy water.  For warehouses with high levels of traffic – fork lifts, palette trucks – we can install low level crash barriers for additional impact protection.