Aluminium 75mm & 100mm Office Partitions

Framed glazed partitions with aluminium

Aluminium 75mm & 100mm Office Partitions

This is one of the most popular of the partitioning ranges on the market at present. It’s called various names by different suppliers: Komfire, Kameo, Fire & Sound, Prima, Designer, Fire Shield.

All based around the 50mm metal stud, that forms the upright post, clad either side with single plaster board at 12.5mm thick to form the 75mm or 2 skins each side for 100mm partitioning. All joints can be covered with aluminium cover trims or taped & filled to give a flush wall finish if required. The plaster boards can be finished in a wide variety of vinyl finishes.

The 50mm upright stud fits into an aluminium head channel that gives a straight finishing line at the ceiling height. Skirting options include recessed base detail, laminate or aluminium; either face fixed or with concealed fixing.

The glass sections range from framed half single-glazed through to frameless full height double-glazed with integrated blinds in the cavity.

Sound Reduction Options

Insulation can be fitted to the cavity of the stud to aid soundproofing. Sound reduction values for the solid partitioning in 75mm & 100mm systems can be up to 52db and up to 43db for glazed partitions. Acoustic performance:

  • Solid panels (standard construction): Up to 52 dB (Rw)
  • Glazed panels (standard construction): Up to 43 dB (Rw)
  • Door panels (standard solid core door): Up to 30 dB (Rw)

Fire Performance Options

Insulation also aids the fire performance and we can issue a fire rating certificate if required. Fire performance for 75mm Partitioning:

  • Solid panels: Up to 60 minute fire rating
  • Glazed panels: Up to 60 minute fire rating in offset & central single and double glazed applications
  • Up to 60 minute fire rating using timber doorsets

Colour Options

All the aluminium sections including the head channel, door frames, cover trims, skirtings can all be powder coated in any BS or RAL colour to suit the clients’ requirements.

Door Options

Door frames range from standard height through to full height with finishes ranging from paint through to any wood veneer. Vision panels to the doors can be of almost any shape or size to conform to building regulations and fire officer requirements.

  • Demountable partitioning can be offset against Corporation Tax (similar to furniture & equipment).
  • Offers tremendous acoustic performance and fire protection.
  • Very versatile with many options & variations for both the finishing colour and appearance.
  • Can be finished in any BS or RAL colour to suit clients’ requirements.
  • Fully demountable when using cover trims on the joints of the plasterboards.
  • Quickly dismantled within the same floor area during office layout reconfiguration.
  • Easily colour change for the vinyl during office refurbishments.
  • Modern appearance fits in any existing office or proposed office environment.
  • Easy maintenance: any scuff marks can be wiped clean with warm soapy water.