3D CAD and Visualisation Services

3D CAD view of office partitioning

3D CAD and Visualisation Services

3D Computer Aided Design (3D CAD) has many benefits:

  • Visualise how your new office interior will look
  • See how 2D layout plans will work, to make sure they do
  • Easily refine the look and the layout of your office
  • Plan in advance, rather than costly changes once work’s underway

Our specialist software can show you how your office layout will look in 3D before refurbishment work starts.

With an extensive library of furniture & surface materials we can also show you different finishes & colour schemes to help refine your vision. We can be creative with design & maximise the use of space trying different solutions to find the optimal design.

Partition systems can be designed & calculated, optimising material usage and allowing interactive management of modules.

3D light rendered office view 3D-CAD-render 3D elevated view office visualisation in 3D

Photo Realistic Views

In addition to our 3D CAD service we can also create photo realistic images of how your office will look and work with the proposed lighting scheme. This gives you the most accurate look at how your proposed office environment will appear beforehand, adding the finishing touches that will make the vision a success.