Glass Office Partitions & Glazed Partitioning

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Glass Office Partitions

Glazed partitioning helps maintain a wonderful, open feel to your office space. It can form dividing walls between offices, that gives a degree of privacy yet still maintains that visibility factor.

It’s a quick & simple way to segment your office space and requires no changes to existing suspended ceilings.

Glazed office walls help reduce the noise between rooms and can provide private areas, meeting and board rooms.

You may of heard it called ‘glass room dividers’ or ‘glazed office screens’. The full height frameless glass partitioning is often referred to as a ‘glass office wall’.

All the glazing we supply can have window films or manifestations applied. This is an excellent (and cost effective) way to give added interest to an office design or reinforce company branding.

Benefits of Natural light

natural sunlight flooding into the office

Glass partitioning can be beneficial to your workplace as it allows natural sunlight from the external windows to flood into your offices. The advantages of this are:

  • The sun shining in will help raise your staffs’ serotonin levels which in turn aids their activity levels and productivity.
  • Natural sunlight increases the production of Vitamin D which increases the immune system. This helps keep them at their desks and not in their sickbeds at home. It’s a fact that people working under natural light spend less time off work – so open the external window blinds and let the sunlight in!
  • Sunlight is great for getting everyone in a good mood especially during the cold winter months.
  • The more natural light that you have within your office the less electric lighting you need. You’ll be able to turn off the lights, or just have less switched on, which means savings on your electricity bill.

Lower electricity bills, lower absence rates, healthier more productive staff and on top of all that the sunshine brings that feel-good factor to the workplace!

Safety Glass

All glass used in todays glazed partitioning is safety glass, usually toughened or laminate:

Toughened safety glass
Toughened Glass

This is produced by controlled thermal or chemical treatments during production that increases the strength of the glass. When broken the glass will crumble into safe, thumb-size, granular chunks instead of leaving dangerous, sharp, jagged shards. Thickness’s for toughened glass are typically 6, 10 and 12mm.

laminated safety glass
Laminate Glass

A type of safety glass made with two or more layers of glass sandwiched with a laminate substructure of Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). This keeps the outer layers bonded together even when broken and prevents the window from breaking up into sharp pieces. The PVB layer also has the advantage of adding a much higher sound reduction quality to the glazing. The thickness of the laminate glass used is 6.4mm.

Budget framed systems


This is a 50mm glass partitioning system that offers good flexibility and is ideal for the budget conscious. Available with single or double glazing it uses a snap-in glazing bead and can be up to 6m in height. These are called various trade names by different suppliers:

  • Komfort Partitioning: 600 Series
  • CPD Tenon: Flex Plus
  • SAS: System 2000
  • CCF: Excel

All framed partitioning sections are available in a choice of colours from the RAL colour chart. The standard stock choices that most of the partitioning suppliers keep in stock are white, light grey and SAA.

The benefits of this glazed demountable Aluminium lightweight system are:

  • Low cost and attractive
  • Various choices for the framework colour and finishes
  • Available from stock
  • Choice of laminate or Aluminium skirtings
  • Fully relocatable within the office space
  • Quick to install with minimal mess
  • Can go up to 6 metres in height
  • Acoustic performance – double glazed partitioning is up to 40 dB (Rw)

Glazed Partitions

steel stud & plasterboard partitioning with double glazing

This is a very popular system we install and is available in 75mm and 100mm variations. It’s based around a steel stud & plasterboard system surrounded by an aluminium framework. The framework, along with the finishing trims, can be sprayed in any BS or RAL colour to suit the interior design or your company’s colour scheme.

This system is known by various trade names by different suppliers:

  • Komfort Partitioning: Komfire and Kameo
  • CPD Tenon: Fire and Sound
  • SAS: System 3000 and 4000
  • CCF: Prima

Benefits of this style of glass partitioning include:

  • Stylish appearance in both square and rounded profiles
  • Numerous choices for the framework colour
  • Available from stock
  • Choice of laminate or Aluminium skirtings
  • Fire rated up to 30 minutes
  • One of the most popular glass partitions on the market today
  • Acoustic Performance for double glazed partitioning is up to 41 dB (Rw)