Case Study: Frameless glass partitions


Location:West Yorkshire


Building:3 storey educational centre

Date:October 2017

The design and installation of frameless glass partitions transforms this West Yorkshire Educational Centre.

The Design Brief

Our client a well-established educational centre requested the help of Rodley Interiors to re-fit their existing office space. The original floor plan was vast and open and did not support the organisations plans for the future. The existing area was dis-organised, with teams disjointed around the room. Our client wanted the new space meticulously planning , each team needed there own specific area. Working with our client we first discussed how many individual areas were required, and then what materials we would use to do this.

The ideal partitioning system

For our client the overall finish and look of the area needed to be impressive, modern and away from the usual norm. We only had one system in mind,  which was frameless glass partitioning. Due to the high ceiling level and comply with Health and Safety the glass needed to be 12mm thick. We installed large runs of frameless glass to the divide the space and then created individual offices. To create feature meeting rooms the glazing was fitted on an angle. The glazed doors were fitted to a standard height with a glazed overpanel above. The glass was then fnished with a simple manifestation film applied to every other panel.

The install of Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless glass partitioning is quick and easy to install, because of this the glazed panels can be fitted whilst staff are still in situ and will not disrupt day to working life. The glass is fitted with clear jointing for a seamless finish, with minimum mess to the office. First we install the partitioning track to the floor and ceilingm the glass is then measured to suit the opening sizes.