Case Study: Frameless Glass Partitioning for Leisure area

Location:Leeds, West Yorkshire

Industry:Serviced office space

Building:Multi-floor serviced offices

Date:January 2018-March 2018

A Frameless Glass Partitioning install as part of Rodley Interiors recent refurbishment of a Health and Well-being centre within West Yorkshire. The frameless glass was tailored to suit the leisure environment.

The Design Brief

As part of our fit out and refurbishment of a serviced office building within West Yorkshire, our works also included the install of a frameless glass dividing wall. Maximising on both light and space was an imperative part of the fit out. The large Health and Well-being centre was designed to offer occupants of the serviced offices a healthy place to be away from their desks. The partitioning we installed needed to be non-obstrusive, and not diminsh the large and open feel of the space. It also needed to comply with health and safety requirements and suit the leisure style feel our client wanted to achieve.


Frameless Glass Partitioning Specification

Frameless glass dividing walls such as these are created with individual panes of glass, which are then erected within the space with dry joints. The dry joints offer minimal amounts of mess and are nearly invisible to the eye giving a seamless finish. The glass was 12mm thick due the height of the panes at 2900mm, the dividing wall needed to be sturdy and robust.  The dividing wall also featured a full height frameless glass partition door. These doors are incredibly striking when manufactured at height such as this, the door was finished with a satin stainless steel back to back T-handle.

The dividing wall was cleverly built against the the studio mirror, maximising on light and space even more.


Manifestion Window Film

All frameless glass partitions need to comply with health and safety requirements and feature a manifestation film. This glass dividing wall was finished off nicely with deep band of Opal Frost window film from the floor level upwards, with an intricate laser cut design. The design on film mirrors the calm and tranquil feel of the studio space and also features a coloured film. Manifestation window films are quick and easy to install and can add instant appeal to any glass wall.