Case Study: Glass Wall Partitions


Location:Shipley, Bradford

Industry:Computer Aided Design

Building:High spec 2 storey office

Date:November 2012

Supplying and fitting two main glass partition walls and double skinned partitioning to form meeting, training & board rooms. Installation of a modern fitted kitchen with break-out room.

mc_staff-breakout-space  main glass partition wall mc_computer-training-room mc_glass-partition-with-inset-blinds mc_office-kitchen-top mc_shipley-office

Assessing what’s required

MicroCAD approached Rodley Interiors regarding the fit out of their new premises in Bradford. After several meetings to discuss their requirements and to assess their new Shipley office building we decided to create a central focus point using two glazed partition walls.

These glass walls would form a break-out area complete with stylish office kitchen, leading to all the meeting and training rooms. We also accommodated for a shower room, bathroom, cloak room and reception.

This project was particularly challenging as another of the clients key requirements was additional sound proofing for their training rooms. We went with an elegant monochrome colour scheme with splashes of colour from modern office chairs.

Laminated glass wall partitioning

Safety glazing

The two main glass wall partitions are double glazed for added sound reduction with 6.4mm laminate glass. We use laminate glass a lot on our fit out projects for its safety properties. Alternatively we use toughened glass which is specially treated, once cut, to make it 5 times stronger and able to withstand everyday knocks. The laminate glass has a special clear plastic laminated layer sandwiched between two sheets of glass. It is undetectable to look at unless viewing the edge of the glazing (normally hidden by the frame).

Two key benefits of the laminate glass are safety and security. Safety as the glass will be held together by the laminate if broken and not splinter into dangerous shards. Security as the laminate is harder to break through. All the safety glass we use meets the requirements of Class B performance to BS 6206: 1981.

Blinds between safety glass two thirds closed

Privacy blinds

Each panel of the glass partition walls has a blind in the double glazing cavity. This stops them getting dusty and aids the clean modern aesthetic.
The blinds used on this project are solid 25mm slats but perforated slats are also an option and subtly filter the light. Controls for the blinds are fixed to the upright trim on the inside of the offices and board room. A quick turn of the control and you get instant privacy!

If blinds are required for the more cost effective single glazed panels, solid or perforated slats can still be used (both 25mm and 15mm slats). The glass is offset to one side to allow for the blind to be fixed in the recess. These are operated with a Wand control, twisting to tilt the blinds shut and pulling down on the draw cords to lift them.

Bradford office, modern kitchen

The Specification

  • All dividing walls 100mm thick composed of 50mm galvanized stud with 2 skins of plasterboards on each side. Insulation slab in placed within the cavity (insulation slab chosen over of insulation quilt as it offers better noise reduction)
  • All Aluminium frame work has a grey finish
  • Skirting finish is in a grey laminate
  • All plaster boards are finished in Tektura Matt vinyl
  • All the doors are 30 minutes fire rated in a maple finish with vision panel at 150x1500mm in clear fire rated glass and are also fitted with our standard lock set and handles
  • Gloss finish to all fitted kitchen units’, elegant black marble work top with splash backs and a recessed drinks refrigerator underneath
  • Stylish office break-out area created using modern furniture
  • Classrooms furnished with white cantilever style desks fitted with modesty panel and black operator chairs with lumbar support
  • Tiled shower room fitted for staff usage
  • All office areas air conditioned with comfort cooling
  • External window blinds with 5in slats to the outside windows