Case Study: Internal Glass Office Partitioning


Location:West Yorkshire

Industry:Financial Consultancy

Building:Business Centre

Date:February 2018 - March 2018

An extensive project creating 12 individual spaces with internal glass office partitioning. Our team also refurbished the area taking it from a tired and unusable space to practical workplace staff could enjoy.

The Design Brief

Our West Yorkshire client who specialise in financial services provide advice to get their clients  financial assets working as hard as they possibly can. With the business continually expanding they needed a larger workplace for staff, and found this ideal space within West Yorkshire. The building offers generous amounts of space over 2 floors, which provided a blank canvas with the abilty to design the area to suit their business requirements. They chose Rodley Interiors to design, refurbish the space and install internall glass office partitioning forming 12 workspaces for staff.

Glass Partitioning Specification

Rodley Interiors provided the client with layout design ideas, showcasing how they could make the best use of the space. The 2d and 3d designs featured the offices spread out over the 2 floors, each office varying in size. Each floor also included a teapoint and kitchen area for staff. We proposed an internal glass office partitioning system, known in the industry as double glazed modules sat within an aluminum framework. The design featured floor to ceiling height glass, double glazed to keep sound travel between each space to a minimum. A glazing system such as this is incredibly versatile the colour of framework can be chosen to suit any office interior. For our client the framework was light Grey.

The internal glass office partitioning accomodated panes of 6.4mm laminate glass. To keep some level of privacy a manifestation film in a banded design was applied 700mm from the floor level.

Internal glass office partitioning

Internal glass office partitioning

Internal glass office partitioning systems

Internal glass office partitioning systems are  common and sought offer. Here are our reasons why this is an ideal system to suit any office;

  • Glass partitioning will open up any office, giving the elusion of a larger area.
  • Our glass systems are quick and easy to install and can be fitted with staff in situ.
  • The partition framework can be manufactured in a range of finishes and colours.
  • Our glass office walls can help reduce noise travel between rooms.
  • A cost effective way of creating privacy with glass is the addition of manifestation window film.
  • The aluminum framework is an in stock product meaning the project can be turned around quickly.
  • The acoustic performance of a double glazed system like this is up to 40 dB (Rw)

Additional Works

In addition to the install of glass, the offices featured full height doors in a speciality finish which was cross grain Oak. These striking doors are a feature in their own right and complemented the partitioning effortlessly. Other office refurbishment works were also carried out including full electrial and lighting works. The project was completed within the set time scale set by our client and to their full satisfaction.