Case Study: Glazed office partitioning system


Location:Leeds, West Yorkshire

Industry:Civil Engineering

Building:2 storey office block

Date:July 2017

We installed Tenon Fire and Sound partitioning to create a new office space for our client with large meeting rooms and individual offices.

Glazed office partitioning systemThe Design Brief

Rodley Interiors were comissioned by our Leeds client to install a new partitioning system over 2 floors.

They required new individual office areas and meeting rooms. When deciding on which partitioning system suits our client there are always a few things to consider;

  • The level of soundproofing required.
  • Does the partitioning need to be robust and sturdy.
  • The level of privacy required, which can determine whether a glass partitioning system is used or not.
  • Cost, we can install budget partitioning systems to accomodate those working on a tight budget.
  • If glass is being installed, which system will suit our clients requirements.

For our client, they were keen to maximise on space and utilise on the generous amount of natural available over the floors.

We felt a glazed office partitioning system would allow the area to seem brighther and bigger, and due to the double glazed feature we fitted integral blinds which added privacy when required.

Tenon Fire and Sound partitioning

A glazed office partitioning system is the ideal choice for offices where both light and privacy are wanted by staff. By installing glass within office walls it can open up any space and allow the area to feel bigger. As our client wanted both of these factors we fitted a double glazed office partitioning system. The system named Tenon Fire and Sound is from SIG’s wide range of specifications. The double glazed element of the module can allow for integral blinds to fixed between the 2 panes. These blinds are permanantly in situ but they can altered with a turn button, open or closed.

Project Specification

  • White partitioning framework
  • Floor to ceiling height double glazed partitioning modules
  • Silver intgeral partitioning blinds
  • Oak office doors with vision panels
  • Insulation slab laid above the partitioning lines which acts as a sound barrier.