Case Study: Dividing an open plan office space

Client:Triton Security Group


Industry:Security Systems Supplier

Building:2 Storey Office

Date:July 2015

A combination of diverse and stylish office partitioning to divide an open plan office space into specialised working areas.

office glazed wallsThe Design Brief

Rodley Interiors were approached by a substantial security firm to discuss their requirements to divide an open plan office space.

The highly progressive company requested an initial site visit with Rodley Interiors in which we were able to get an overall feel for the project, and with a request to segregate the different areas of the business we began to discuss how the large area could be divided and the space utilised.

After several on site discussions we outlined the plan for the project and set to work on producing layout plans to ensure our client could fully envisage how their new working space would look.

The final brief was to create sizeable office spaces over 2 floors with each subdivision of the company in its own specific area, with the idea to increase staff productivity.

Frameless glass dividing wall

Office Divisions Offering Maximum Light

When we discussed the style and system of the office partitioning we would be installing when dividing an open plan office space one concern our client did have was the worry of the areas seeming too enclosed.

Rodley Interiors suggested using a glass partitioning system to enable a thoroughgoing feel of light. To fully utilise the external light we installed a toughened frameless glass partitioning system. The glass dividing walls placed at 1/3 intervals across the large floor space fashioned separate working areas for select teams.

Coloured Window Film

To really give the frameless glass walls an additional aesthetic appeal we applied a coloured manifestation film. The film applied to the glass features the company logo following the corporate company colours.


Coloured manifestation detail
Frameless glass partition aloowing light to flood through
Modern office fit out

Combining Solid and Glass Partitioning

In addition to the frameless glass partitions we were required to create working spaces with an element of privacy. Proceeding with the subject of glass partitions we fitted Tenon Fire and Sound partitioning system. The Tenon Fire and Sound system offers both solid and glass partitioning within the workspace, making this an ideal system to install for our client. With solid partition dividing walls and full height double glass windows to the front the offices presented both privacy and a light open feel.

To give our client the option of full privacy we installed internal window blinds between the cavity of the glass, which can be adjusted to determine the level of privacy required.

Walnut topped office desk with white legsFinalising the Project with Furniture

Once each working area was formed and in continuation with the theme of creating productive working areas we began to think about the office furniture install. Due to the size of each area we had to ensure the furniture fit within the space in order to ensure a practical working environment for staff.

Giving the area that additional added appeal our client chose Walnut bespoke office furniture to complement the modern office partitioning install.

We installed high quality Walnut veneered office desking, storage, meeting room and Reception furniture giving a highly professional and specialised feel throughout.

The bespoke Walnut office desking flowed onto white pedestals and white 2 door fronted storage cabinets. The pedestals and storage cabinets were finished off with sleek stainless steel T bar handles. Each combination of desks and pedestals tailored to the requirements of each team.

Bespoke Walnut rececption deskWalnut desking with white pedestalsWhite extended pedestalWalnut topped storage unite with white frontsWhite screen dividers

Desk Dividers, Office Seating and Reception Furniture

Adding some form of privacy within the furniture for each team was a key requirement of the furniture install.We installed tool bar desk divider screens finished in white adding contrast to the Walnut veneered tops.

The sizeable reception desk featuring a steel kickplate meanders round on a curve adding a stylised and distinct finish.

Completing the furniture install we supplied a selection of office chairs, including square back operator chairs and square back meeting room chairs finished in a vibrant red ‘calypso’ fabric which mirrored the corporate company colours.

Key products

  • Increasing company productivity with the clever positioning of office partition dividing walls.
  • Tenon Fire and Sound partitioning system to associate both solid and glass partitions within the same office.
  • Toughened frameless glass partitions to utilise external light and ensure an open feel throughout.
  • Walnut bespoke office furniture tailored around each specific team requirements.
  • Coloured window film to individualise the partitioning.