Case Study: Toughened Frameless Glass Partitioning in Leeds

Client:Leeds Audiology Clinic

Location:Leeds, West Yorkshire

Building:City Centre Office Building

12mm toughened frameless office glass creates a bright and open office space to a stylish workplace within Leeds City Centre.

Toughened Frameless Glass Partitioning

Glass Partitioning with Manifestation

Rodley Interiors Ltd were awarded a new frameless glass partitioning project within Leeds City Centre, creating 2 large office spaces.

The existing office space had a high ceiling level, therefore a 12mm toughened frameless glass partitioning system was the ideal choice. The full project specification;

  • 12mm frameless office glass
  • Floor to ceiling height office doors
  • Satin stainless steel office door furniture
  • Back to back office door handle in Satin Stainless Steel
  • Opal frost manifestation dots to comply with DDA requirements
  • Minimal glass partitioning framework
  • Partitioning framework channel fitting around existing skirting
  • Timely and cost effective install

Benefits of Toughened Frameless Glass Partitioning

There are a number of benefits to a toughened frameless glass partitioning system, which is why this is such a popular choice within modern offices. The translucent glass allows for maximum natural light to disperse through, making any office appear larger and brighter. A manifestation film can be applied to the glazing in any design which can also be easily removed at any point.

Our glass partitioning systems are cost effective and are timely to install.

Toughened Frameless Glass Partitioning