Case Study: Frameless glass walls for rural barn conversion

Client:Minster Properties Ltd.

Location:East Ayton (near Scarborough)

Industry:Property Management

Building:2 storey refurbished barn

Date:May 2014

Supply and fit frameless glass to a high-spec rural office to compliment the buildings original features.

Solutions for rural offices

Minster Properties got in touch with us to a carry out a full site survey at their new premises in East Ayton, North Yorkshire. After several site visits & discussions it was agreed that using the frameless glass partitioning system would maintain an overall feeling of openness throughout the office. Having frameless glass walls allows staff to fully appreciate their rural surroundings and the great views of the Countryside offered by the buildings full height external windows.

framess glass allows views of the countryside

Enhancing the workspace with Frameless Glass

The building has a high quality finish with solid oak bespoke joinery and exposed masonry to show off some of the stone walls. An ordinary partitioning system would detract from these quality materials. Using frameless glass ensures the workspace looks as open and light throughout as possible.

The large ground floor meeting room has a solid Oak movable wall to extend it into the adjoining small office. We suggested it would benefit from a sliding glass door on a MANET style sliding track so as not to encroach on the space in the narrow corridor. Another frameless glass door on a pivot was installed at the other end of the room, making 2 easy access entrances to the meeting area.

corridor of high-spec office

ground floor view to entrance

fullheight glass

Maximising Natural Light

The main office area on the 1st floor was sectioned off to create a central work area with 4 individual offices around it. The large full height windows provide an abundance of natural light which can filter through the whole area unhindered due to the frameless glass walls.

Each individual office has a frameless glass door on a pivot which is lockable for safety and privacy. To finish each glass wall we installed a minimal manifestation of 2 rows of frosted dots to comply with DDA requirements.

rural office with glass walls